The Reverse

Exceptional Resonance - Punch & Twang - No Neck Dive - Handbuilt

Looks may deceive, but this is a hybird of two of the greatest rock 'n roll guitars ever. Taking a famous backwards design from the sixties as our base recipe, ingredients from Leo's first solid body guitar were fused in to create a new flavour of rock and roll. This axe looks, feels and sings as a bird, yet it also casts punches, snarls and twangs like a plank. Volt's first model will let you discover both worlds and all sweetspots inbetween.

We set out to create a guitar that has great balance, easy to reach controls, tuning stability and improved intonation, without sacrificing killer looks and playability. And of course the sound is what it's about, so we use the highest quality woods and parts. The Reverse features authetic trapezoid shaped 'wings' on the body that taper towards the edges. It's a unique and overlooked detail that honors its vintage predecessor and adds to its elegance. Other details has been completely and carefully rethought, such as the Vibrola inspired bridge plate and the neck joint, which uses just a single bolt and also functions as a strap button. Inspired by the past and challenged by the future, we proudly present the Reverse.

Baseprice: € 3995

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Volt "Reverse" model - handbuilt to your specifications -

Base configuration

  • Body: swamp ash or mahogany
  • Neck: 1 piece selected maple
  • Fret board: maple or rosewood
  • Inlays: dots
  • Pickups: 2 Lollar Firebird
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Body finish: solid color
  • Headstock finish: black
  • Aging levels: None, Light, Medium
  • Bridge: ABM tunomatic ABR style
  • Machine heads: Gotoh SDS510
  • Hardware: nickel
  • Case: Volt hard shell


  • block or trapezoid inlays
  • bindings
  • blackwood or ebony fretboard
  • alder bodywood
  • 3rd pickup
  • different pickups
  • 1 pickup version
  • metallic finishes, bursts

Reverse Blueprint

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